Two Diabetes UK awards for SnackPack

Two Diabetes UK awards for SnackPack

SnackPack have won two Diabetes UK awards:

1. Leigh Painter and Claire Potts. - Supporting Others category.

Leigh and Claire were jointly nominated and are a truly dynamic and inspirational team who act as the chair and secretary of the Exeter SnacPack group. They are both mums to children with Type 1 and are committed to reaching others who are in a similar position. Just a few examples of what they have achieved so far include providing the RDE Hospital Paediatric diabetes team free copies of Carbs and Cals books to be given to all newly diagnosed patients so their families can use this excellent resource. They have organised a monthly coffee morning in Exeter for parents, carers and grandparents of children with Type 1 diabetes. They raise funds to ensure all children can attend events and ran an iBounce session for 64 families. They have organised fundraising events and non-school uniform days and we think they deserve a super-mum title! They have given much time to Diabetes UK, always making sure they do things the right way so everyone is kept as safe as possible. They act as a huge source of support for people who are both newly diagnosed and those who have been living with the condition for some time – they are a life line for people who need to know they are not alone.

2. Jack Painter and Olivia Potts  - Young Persons award.

Jack and Olivia are both young people living with Type 1 Diabetes who are part of the Exeter SnackPack group. They wanted to share their stories of living with the condition to try and help others so that they know they are not alone. They were interviewed by their mum’s to write their stories of life with Type 1 to display on posters with their photographs at any events that the SnackPack group hold. The posters are amazing; written in their own words and telling people exactly what it is like to have diabetes. Olivia has also shared her story via a YouTube video which is incredibly powerful and again helps to get the messages out there about life with Type 1. Both Jack and Olivia helped to present the Carbs and Cals books to Exeter RDE Hospital Paediatric team to help new families with a child diagnosed with Type 1. They are inspiring young people who are really trying hard to help others with diabetes. They were jointly nominated and the judges felt they are both entirely deserving of this award. Congratulations Jack and Olivia!